Hotel William Prag

Das Hotel William Prag

Das Hotel William - buchen Sie ein Top-Hotel in Prag zu einem Sonderpreis. In der Kleinseite, nur eine kurze Straßenbahnfahrt von der Prager Burg und der Karlsbrücke entfernt, empfängt Sie das Hotel William. Im märchenhaften Stil erbaut, findet man dieses märchenhafte Gefühl in jedem Hotelzimmer und im ganzen grünen Viertel. In der Altstadt der Prager Kleinstadt (Mala Strana) befindet sich das kürzlich rekonstruierte Hotel William. In unmittelbarer Nähe zu den wichtigsten Sehenswürdigkeiten Prags, ganz in der Nähe der Burg Pragen, der Karlsbrücke, des Nationaltheaters und der Spitze von Pet?


Die Mitarbeiter und Räume waren großartig - Hotel William, Prag Kritiken

Das Hotel William befindet sich an einer grösseren Strasse mit Strassenbahnverkehr, aber ich fand es nicht sehr stören. Das Hotel William befindet sich im Zentrum von Prag und ist von den interessantesten und meistbesuchten Denkmälern dieser schönen Stadt umgeben.

There are many of these interesting places of interest in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, such as the Charlemagne Brigde, the Petrientower, St. Mary's Cathedral, St. Mary's Cathedral and the Czech Republic's State Theater. We' re very pleased that you have valued our service and that you have tasted our tasty breakfasts. Thanks again and we are looking forward to our next meeting.

However, the tiny elevator of the hotel was alarmingly loud, creaking and jerky. Thanks for a good report from your last stay in our hotel and also for your nice room descriptions on the top level. Facilities and room sizes correspond to the standard of a three-star hotel.

Otherwise the elevator was really out of order during your visit, because a problem was solved as soon as possible. Throughout this time we have tried to help all our customers with their luggage to make their stays more pleasant, we also apologise for the trouble with the morning team.

We thank you very much for the compliments of the employees at the front desk, we are very pleased that you always feel welcome, we are always looking forward to your next attendance. Nous we slepter mieux pour le prix à Prague et nous ne reviendrons pas ici.

This nice hôtel est situé au centre de la petite ville de Praha. Thank you very much, dear reginaneubuilder, for this marvellous criticism you have written about our Hotel William. It is a great pleasure for us that you have felt comfortable with us and that the pleasant ambience in the hotel has helped you to feel comfortable during your vacation in the city.

Die Einladungen und Empfehlungen unserer Gäste bedeuten uns sehr viel. Nous nousus freuen wir uns auf Ihren nächsten Besuch! Dieses Hotel haben wir aufgrund des Preis-/Leistungsverhältnisses sehr schnell reserviert. Insgesamt würde ich dieses Hotel wegen der Reinlichkeit nicht weiterempfehlen, das ist bedauerlich, denn die Location ist wie gesagt toll.

Thank you very much for your feedback and let me, as William Hotel management, give you my sincere opinion on your various evaluations. First, many thanks for the kind comment about the hotel's position. Situated in the centre of downtown Praha, William Hotel is encircled on all sides by historical sights that our customers have in the immediate vicinity during a walk through our position in this lovely and enchanting town.

I am also pleased that you were happy with the excellent service we offer you. Otherwise I am very sorry that you were not happy and disillusioned with the room cleanliness during your visit and that you remember impure furnishings during it.

Under the 3-star hotel standard is required to keep all rooms cleaned every single night and every night the maid should have entered all rooms for proper cleaning. However, I myself believe that there may have been a misconception in this case, it often happens that customers keep the sign on the front side of the room that says "clean room" on one side and "do not disturb" on the other, in both cases they have to respect the guest's desires from the rooms and should not go into the room if the guests do not want to be disturbed.

It goes without saying that every visitor has the possibility to make his wishes and ideas known at the reception during his visit, and the reception in our hotel will always try to fulfil all possible wishes of the visitors. However, thank you for your feedback, and believe me, we will try to further strengthen the checks on the cleaners in order to avoid these remarks in the futuropath.

We aim to offer every customer an outstanding level of customer care and our main objective is to ensure that our hotel customers are satisfied for their next stay in the hotel. Many thanks and I sincerely wish you to come back in the nearer future.

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