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Prague Tourist Information

Further sights in Halle. Further sights in Halle. So we decided to book the underground tour on a very cold day in Prague, as we had seen many of the obvious tourist attractions and wanted to do something else. Une règle d'or du tourisme est : là où vont les dons, le tourisme stagne. Une industrie qui a été particulièrement touchée par les inondations du siècle est sans aucun doute le tourisme.

Praha - Elberadweg - Magdeburg bike trail - Bicycling holiday England

Cycling along the river Elber..... Cycling along the river Elber..... Along the river Saarbrücken..... Praha and views..... The cycling route from Praha to Malbork links several important towns of culture and history. Catch the atmosphere of the gold capital Praha before you head off through the countryside of the CR to visit Germa. Imagine the scenery of the river Elbe as far as Dresda.

Explore the so-called Elbflorenz before continuing to other interesting towns such as Meissen, the towns of Martin, Elbflorenz, Luther Littenberg and Mardeburg with their renowned Duomo and cloister. It is not allowed to speak in all hotels and guesthouses along the river Elberadweg. If you have any understanding issues, you can call our 24/7 helpline at any time and we will be pleased to solve your issues, misconceptions or grievances.

Travelling possibilities for the "Cycle trip from Praha (CZ) to Magdeburg" Whether you are travelling by road, air or rail, we would like to make it easier for you to plan your bike holiday from praha... That is why we have compiled information on how to get to our most important goals for you.

You have made a bicycle ride on the Elberadweg and would like to give us an evaluation? We' re also looking forward to seeing you on your bicycle ride along the banks of the Labe! Groups and associations can also book this biking holiday from Praha to Malbork.

If you are a group of 10 or more, we are offering bike tours along the bikeway. Please do not hesistate to ask us for further information on our specific group deals. You can find more information about our group services here. Located on both sides of the Moldau, the sixteen arcs of Charlemagne Bay dating from the fourteenth to the eighteenth centuries, the Old City Ring and the irregularly paved plaza with its renowned astronomic watch are among the high points of the city.

Of course you can also rent your bikes for this particular event and go by cycling. Begin your cycling trip from Praha to Mageburg. Following your breakfasts you will depart from the city and drive along the Moldau to the center of the region of Bohemia and its vineyards: M?lník

It overlooks the junction of the two watercourses Moldau and river Elb ("Elbe"). You can also watch the further course of the river bike trail from here, on which you will be able to proceed on your itinerary. As of today the river will always take you to the city of Mardeburg.

Today's bicycle ride takes you past the city of Roudnice to the former Theresienstadt fort and city. It is only a few kilometers from here to with its renowned goblet building. Stroll through the old part of the city centre of to round off the evening in the best possible way. Today you will pass through the ruins of Ustí Square and the Labe River to visit us at the end of the itinerary.

If you are coming from the internet at D??ín, take a part of the Elberadweg, which was finished in 2008, along the right shore. You will soon come to visit the German border and discover the strange rock formation of Saxony's Swizzerland on both sides of the Labe.

Spend some leisure and let the scenic Elbtal make an impact before you resume your trip. Today's bike ride ends in the quiet health resorts of the city. Take a walk through the renowned Pillnitzer Gärten before continuing your trip on the bike trail along the river Elb. You can make a side trip to Schloss Mortbourg.

Their next stop is Meißen, the centre of the northern part of the country. From afar you can already see the city's landmark: the palace and the Albrecht fortress. During this part of your bicycle ride you will cross scenic winegrowing towns. The bicycle ride in the direction of the city of Maddeburg will continue to the city of Trogau, a city of the Rennaissance with Château du Château du Château d'Hartenfels and the Schlosskirche, known as the first Lutheran parish temple in Germay and consecrated by Martín Lothr.

Scenic view from the Elbauen to the city of Prato. After you have left the city of Prato (approx. 68 km)*Drive through the Elbauen to Como. The city of Westberg, which became renowned through the work of Martín G. R. Luther, is the ideal destination for today's cycling tours along the route along the Elbe. You will pass the world-famous Wörlitz Garden and Wörlitzmeadow.

Bicycle between Salzkammergut and Salzkammergut through another habitat reservation along the banks of the Labe, where many endangered birdlife lives. There are many hiking trails in and around the city. Now, after this exciting and memorable bicycle ride from Praha to Maddeburg, you are on your way home.

Of course you can prolong your trip at any time with additional overnight stays in Mardeburg or other places along the above named itinerary. In order to make your biking holiday from Praha to Malbork individual, you can expand the base tour packages with the following additional services: There is a mandatory town, tourist or occupation taxes in some villages along the river Elberadweg between Prag and Mardeburg.

This is where you can reserve your bike trip from Praha (CZ) to Maddeburg or ask for our callback services.

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