Prag University

Prager Universität

The Vysoká ?kola ekonomická v Praze (V?E) is a public university of economics in Prague, Czech Republic. The Charles University is one of the oldest universities in Europe and one of the most renowned research-oriented universities in the world. The international connections we have built are essential to strengthening the global awareness of the university.

Après la candidature et la nomination dans le cadre du programme Erasmus de l'université. Le coordinateur en charge m'a alors appelé à l'université.

Charlemagne University

Charlemagne University is one of the oldest European and one of the most famous research-oriented colleges in the class. The University' s worldwide connections make a significant contribution to raising its worldwide consciousness. Charlemagne University is a member of numerous well-known organisations and university network.

In addition, we play an active part in promoting the movement of university and research scientists. Exchanges to promote the movement of university and research workers play a decisive part in the university' s global work. Charlemagne University is one of Europe's top institutions in the number of emerging and emerging scholars and lecturers under the ERAASMUS-program.

Among them - the ever more successful ERAUSMUS mouthus program - allows the student to obtain common Master's or Doctoral degree from more than one university. Charlemagne University emphasises the importance of developing inter-university co-operation, which is based on a framework of inter-university conventions. At present, this alliance comprises almost 200 partners from all over the globe.

There is a broad spectrum of collaboration with our partners' institutions - from university and research campus exchange to collaborative research and seminar and bachelor's degree programs. Charlemagne University also allows doctoral candidates to take part in doctoral programs that include the common mentoring of Ph. After graduation, college alumni are awarded two degrees - one from Charlemagne University and the other from the other.

Factorial arrangements are another widely used instrument for promoting transnational mobilization. This agreement allows Karlovy Vary to take part in a wide range of academic events at our partners' universities and offers a great possibility for foreigners to organize a brief stay at Karlovy Vary University. Charlemagne University also sponsors projects carried out either through various programs and endowments or in the framework of free movers' movement (i.e. independent of current exchanges).

Charlemagne University attracts top scientists from abroad on a regular basis and thus strengthens its status as an institution of research of worldwide renown. Recruiting in this way is a pro-active procedure and is funded by the University, which has established special programs for this end, such as the IPSF.

Charlemagne University is an actively participating in many respected multinational organisations and network of colleges working together to reach common goals while at the same time respectful of the identities of the partner organisations. It organises and co-organises a wide spectrum of important activities with the full involvement of academics and scientists.

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