Prag Tips

Prager Tipps

It is a beautiful (typical old Prague town house), spacious (!!!!!

) and flooded with light. The communication and the check-in and check-out were very easy and the hosts put a lot of effort into it, e.g. they gave us great tips for our visit to Prague and brought us even more cooking pots. Explorez le centre historique de Prague au cours d'une visite guidée de trois heures à la bière. En plus de la culture de la bière, il y avait aussi beaucoup d'informations de fond sur l'histoire et des conseils, ce qui est important et utile à Prague l'auberge avec le meilleur emplacement de Prague. Le guide (David) était facile à comprendre et pouvait donner de nombreux conseils.


Prag, die "Goldene Stadt" an der Moldau, ist traditionsreich, bunt und voller Leben. Die Altstadt, die wie ein großes Freiluftmuseum aussieht, zählt zu den schoensten Hauptstaedten in Europa. Seine glorreiche Geschichte wird durch die vielen prächtigen Denkmäler der romanischen, gotischen, renaissancezeitlichen und vor allem barocken Epoche belegt, die heute in neuer Pracht strahlen.

Egal ob eine Entdeckungsreise durch die Altstadt und Neuzeit, die Josef- oder die Kleinstadt und die Region Hradcany - Prag erstaunt seine Gäste immer wieder. Hintergrundbericht mit Tiefgang: Historie, Denkweise der Einwohner, Stadtleben....

Kulinarisches in Prag - Tschechische Zentrale in Prag

Auch in Prag ist die Zeit der Freiluftmärkte vorüber, aber für Geschmack und Bauch gibt es noch viel zu erleben. Prag-Auf dem Weg zu einer neuen Webseite ist es gelungen, Geld zu sammeln. Wenn Sie also in naher Zukunft Prag besuchen wollen, können Sie sich darauf freuen.

It is the perfect place for those who miss the right ambience of the town and want to explore it on their own. The is the same as before, but the site will be new and more user-friendly and more enjoyable. Now we come to the major theme of this piece and it is the meal.

Consumers are also beginning to think more about the issues of qualitiy and diversity. Many grocery stores around Praha have proven this this this past year. There is a large selection - from pop-up diners in unconventional locations, various refreshing cafés, uncooked and vegetarian meals to truly world-class cuisine. Here are some interesting tips. This was one of the first vegetarian restaurant in the city.

Although the Ristorante has 2 levels, it has a very informal ambience, the wall is decorated with flower decorations and you can see a bouquet of clean cut flower on each of them. You can order everything from pasta, hamburgers, stews to traditonal fillets.

Not mayonnaise or heavier potatoe salads as before, but always seasonally and unusually combined. Shrimp, red beet, celeriac, avocado, French beet, tartare and there is also a new curiousity, a sandwich according to the classical style of the country with dumplings - pig meat - charb. Two Slovaks, who have traveled around the globe to get the best to the city.

A few well-known cooks and several people have formed the crew and begun preparing food -pop-up-partys. Unexpected venues such as skate park, storage facilities etc. are another plus point. You will be served with the famous hamburger with barbecued peppers and peppers, as well as mints and fried cloves of clove.

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